What is MyCity?

With MyCity the Directory of Sri Lanka, even the smallest business can have a big online presence. When you list with us, we present your business with a wide range of options and give you effective solutions to help your business connect with quality customers. Put simply, MyCity.lk is one of the leading directories of Sri Lanka where registered businesses and services are categorized and sorted geographically. We offer our clients an affordable, cost efficient way to:

  • Set up custom web pages (hosted on MyCity) or custom web sites (powered by MyCity).
  • Be found and gain new clients and exposure (with google maps and social media integration).
  • Facilitate online transactions (with our state of the art e-commerce packages).

How does your enterprise stand to gain by being listed on our directory?

Cost Efficiency

Our directory offers listing packages which are optimized to fit your budget and needs. For example, listing your business on our directory of Sri Lanka brings with it the added benefit of social media networks exposure, client feedback modules, visual marketing modules (with our attractive and powerful JQuery sliders) and visual geographical placement and direction finder widgets( collective and individual) powered by Google maps.

In short, you get all these benefits on a single page for less than 1/10th of the cost of investing in a stand-alone website.

More Potential Exposure

With our directory your page or website has the potential of being found more frequently by visitors than if you had a stand-alone website. Also, as our directory tends to group businesses and services together categorically and geographically, as clients frequently visit and search MyCity.lk the probability that your enterprise will be found and possibly contacted increases dramatically.